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Debentures - A form of unsecured bond. Debentures bear a fixed rate of interest and the capital sum is normally repayable within a fixed term.

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Debt Ratio

Total Liabilities / Total Assets

Source: Latest Company Audited Balance Sheet

See Accounts Receivables (AR)

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Dividend Payout %

(Dividend per share / Net Profit per share) * 100

Source: Latest Company Audited Profit & Loss Statement
Dividend Times Cover

Net Profit / Dividend Payout

Source: Audited Profit & Loss Accounts
Dividends per share

Dividends / NOSH

Source: Latest Company Audited Profit & Loss Statement
Due-D Basic
Due Diligence Basic Version

Covers 10 indicators over 10 years, namely Financial Sustainability: (1) Net Profit, (2) Dividends, (3) Operating Cash Flow; Performance Changes: (4) Revenue Change, (5) Profit Change, (6) Operating Cash Flow Change; Cash Position Changes: (7) Cash/Net Worth %, (8) Cash/Total Cost in Days, (9) Cash/Revenue in Days, (10) Cash/Total Liabilities %.

Source: Audited Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements over the last 10 years
Dividend Yield(%)

(Last Financial Dividend per share / Closing Price) x 100

The dividend yield of a stock shows the gross return which can be obtained if a stock is purchased at the closing price shown. It is important to note that dividends declared are sometimes paid very late - as much as six months after the declaration. This may render exact computations of return a little difficult.

Dividend yield is an important indicator for investors who invest for regular income. Dividends of Malaysian companies are generally low. The market average for the KLCI-100 is only one third of the ongoing time deposit rates for one year.

Source: Latest Company Audited Profit & Loss Statement
Global Depository Receipt

Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) are certificates representing an issuer's underlying shares. The listing of GDRs on SGX is one of the manners through which an international company which is already listed on its home exchange can list on SGX and raise funds.

In Specie
Dividend in specie or Distribution in specie

A phrase describing the distribution of an asset in its present form, rather than selling it and distributing the cash. In specie distribution is made when cash is not readily available, or allocating the physical asset is the better alternative.

An example of an in specie distribution is a stock dividend, which can be distributed to investors when cash is in short supply. It is common to see an in specie distribution made in the form of fractional shares such as 0.5 shares for each share held.

The phrase "in specie" is Latin for "in its actual form".

Often used in conjunction with "distribution in specie" or "dividend in specie"


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